Today’s Caffeine Headline

Sleep Working?

I sleep that way.

Whatever the reason, my nights are often filled with what I call “sleep working”. It’s that time when you wake up and almost unconsciously get up and sit zombie-like in front of your computer, keystroking away on to do lists and emails.

It used to be a time when you could dash off an email and feel a bit ahead of the game—but lately when I hit the send button at 3:00 a.m. there’s a reply at 3:02.

What! Someone else is up in the middle of the night? Apparently the answer is a big YES.

For a variety of reasons we’ve become split-shift sleepers. Instead of playing catch with our kids, we play catch-up with our laptops.

Okay, I know I’m not a vampire—I love the sun and can see my reflection in a mirror. What was that secret tip for getting rid of racoon eyes?

But wait, there’s hope! Listening to MPR the other day I heard about a study that said it’s the total amount of time we sleep in a day that counts.

And the Wall Street Journal had an article about midday napping being a good thing, that counting sleep (rather than sheep) during daylight hours is healthy.

So nodding off in a meeting is a good thing?

Seriously though—here’s a sleep tip if you use an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Use the “Night Shift” display option. It automatically adjusts the color of your screen to the warmer end of the spectrum—making the display easier on your eyes. You can also dim the brightness a bit.

You can also use full spectrum bulbs that are the next best thing to actual sunlight for your workspace lighting. They’re great especially if you’re blue. Which is the color that apparently keeps us semi-awake and sleep working at night.

If getting a good night’s sleep is a challenge, at least now you know you’re not alone. Dust off your math skills and start adding up your zzzzz’s. Every minute counts!

D. Sharsheen . February 1, 2020 . Joule Micro Nation News / Original artlcle appeared in MB2MB V3 Issue 1