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Ready for another year of screaming? Although micros are used to the ups and downs, dips can take your breath away. Here were the ride predictions for 2019. What’s up for 2020? Stay tuned.

Business News Daily gave us the good and bad by sector. Sales and Customer Service: Businesses will further adapt to the modern customer. Technology will not replace the human touch. Genuine relationships trump technology. Technology and Cybersecurity: Welcome the new kid on the blockchain. The rise of IoT will prompt the rise of edge computing. Big data contextualization will become easier. We will build ethics into our algorithms. Marketing and Advertising: Marketing will continue to grow more personalized. The user review will be king. New sources of customer data will drive new strategies. Voice search has finally arrived. Banking: Big shifts could be on the way for banking. A radical change toward digital banking will continue. Mobile banking means more mobile cyberattacks. Public policy: The political conditions favor entrepreneurs. Data privacy regulations will proliferate worldwide. The uncertainty of tariffs continues into 2019. The Modern Workplace: Businesses will prioritize employee happiness. The shift toward remote work will increase. Tech startups will hire candidates from a broader range of professional backgrounds.

D. Sharsheen . February 3, 2020 . Joule Micro Nation News