Today’s Caffeine Headline


Micros are single digit firms. Most a force of one.

Microbusiness owners refer to themselves as solopreneurs, independent professionals, consultants, craftsmen, artists, musicians, freelancers, agents, and self-employed.

The majority of these companies are one-person enterprises, operate out of their homes and often have part-time help from a family member or friends.

Micros are like superheroes. A diverse group of uniquely skilled individuals with a passion for what they do who often work alone.

Although capable of overcoming impossible odds, everything doesn’t come naturally, sometimes they need help to save the day..


In 2014 a US Department of Labor report concluded that 40% of the workforce, 60 million people, will be contract employees by 2019. Current data suggests we’re already surpassed that number and more than half of the workforce.

Small Business. A term used to separate big business from everyone else. A firm with fewer than 500 employees. A benchmark for everything from economic trends to comic relief a.k.a. Dilbert. 

Small Business, however, is small, actually tiny—just 4%. 

Micros on the other hand are huge, actually gigantic—95.8%. 

Although we cast a big shadow—small biz gets all the attention. They control the conversation from newspapers to news outlets, from magazines to mainstream media— it’s all about small. Their wants and needs. Seriously, it’s annoying. 

Micros don’t share small business issues nor their SBA benefits. We have a masters degree in juggling, a propensity for hats and are a fearless force of <ten… to be reckoned with. 

Caffeine is our lifeblood. Coffee shops have a magnetic hold on us. With a keyboard and a cell phone we can work from anywhere and usually do.

So excuse them when they say, “Don’t call me small, them’s fightin’ words!” 

D. Sharsheen . February 2, 2020 . Joule Micro Nation News / Original artlcle appeared in MB2MB V1 Issue 1