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Jackie Menne . Micro Advocate. Speaker. Publisher MB2MB Magazine + Guide. Background in Media, Marketing, Writing and Design. Worked for big companies, big brands and big shots. Retail giants. Consumer goods. Music industry. Stopped moonlighting many moons ago and founded SYNERGY Advertising. B2C . B2B . MB2MB.

Logo + Biz Card

Learn how to create or freshen your logo in three easy steps. Discover what’s important and why the look of logos you like may or may not work for you. What does the color convey? What about the font? Do you need a trademark? Will it work online? Invest 90 minutes learning about the two things that will identify you for years to come.

CLASS: Presentation $5  |  WORKSHOP: $25  |  TUTOR: $50  |  FORGET DIY: $100

Marketing with Social Media

Promote and market your business using tips that are quick, easy and sustainable. Learn why Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and lesser known social media platforms may be the best or worst marketing choices. What defines each. Which ones work together. What will work best for you.

CLASS: Presentation $5  |  WORKSHOP: $50  |  TUTOR: $100  |  FORGET DIY: $250

Marketing with Email

Learn the best way to connect and communicate with a group. When to consider using a service to email several people vs copying them. Discover how easy it can be to create and send marketing messages— immediately or later. How you can keep track of contacts and the emails they’ve received.

CLASS: Presentation $5  |  WORKSHOP: $50  |  TUTOR: $100  |  FORGET DIY: $250

Marketing with Video

Video increses understanding and engagement. Discover how it can help you grow your micro. Learn how to reach your target market with targeted messaging. We’ll cover timing and talent, storyboards and scripts, commercials and campaigns.

CLASS: Presentation $5 |  WORKSHOP: $50  |  TUTOR: $100  |  FORGET DIY: $250

Marketing with PR

Learn how to BE the news! Discover what it takes to do your own PR and get publicity for your business and brand. BE the authority in your field, share your expertise. BE a fit, one-size-does-not-fit-all media. BE story-cetric. BE time sensative. BE available.

CLASS: Presentation $5 |  WORKSHOP: $50  |  TUTOR: $100  |  FORGET DIY: $250

Marketing Plan

Coming 2020. Discover how a marketing plan can save time and monitize your business. Define your demo and the best ways to reach them. Determine the media and message that will be most effective and how to rate the results.

CLASS: Presentation $5 |  WORKSHOP: $50  |  TUTOR: $100  |  FORGET DIY: $250

Marketing Content

Coming 2020. Know what to say and when to say it. Discover quick tips that will make writing easier. Learn powerful editing secrets. Build a repository of assets to use throughout the year. Never be at a loss for worlds when it’s about you and what you do.

CLASS: Presentation $5 |  WORKSHOP: $50  |  TUTOR: $100  |  FORGET DIY: $250

Determining Your Demo

Coming 2020. Know your demographic. Determine not only who needs/wants your service or product but also who is most likely to purchase it. Consider – Age. Income. Gender. Marital or Family Status. Location. Education. Occupation. Ethnic Background. Determine not only their persona but also 
what media they turn to for information

CLASS: Presentation $5 |  WORKSHOP: $50  |  TUTOR: $100  |  FORGET DIY: $250