There’s No Place Like Home


Joule_Micro_Nation_MICROPOLIS_MicroForceHome of MicroForce™

We are the 24/7/365 heroes that are going to save the day and the world by joining our force of ones to become a MicroForce.

We work different. Alone at home. Together where there’s caffeine. We are a force—27 million nationwide generating $3.5 trillion annually.

A group of micro heroes that give and get resources, referrals and recognition. Learn more


Micropolis-ClockCoins-Pig-Micro-Bank-Home of Micro TimeBank™

TimeBanking allows micros to invest in each other and themselves! 

Micropolis is a diverse community, spanning generations, gender, race, color and creed. Micros who understand that helping brings out the hero in each of us so we can save the day! Learn more


 Screen shot 2014-09-14 at 11.06.23 AMHome of MB2MB™ Magazine + Guide

The publication for and about microbusiness. 

Good News! If you’re a Micro Business, Startup, Coop or NonProfit a basic listing is with our compliments. You’ll be listed twice—by Category + Alphabetically. The guide is also searchable. Learn more


Joule_Coworking-Work-DifferentHome of Work Different™

Whether you blog, tweet, like or link— if you work at home you have a lifestyle that’s become the new normal for businesses, startups, coops and nonprofits of less than ten as well as work from home employee neighbors.

A lifestyle that includes isolation, lack of support and new business challenges that are well beyond the remedy of social networking. Learn more