There’s No Place Like Home


Joule_Micro_Nation_MICROPOLIS_MicroForceHome of MicroForce.

We are the 24/7/365 heroes that are going to save the day and the world by joining our force of ones to become a MicroForce. A group of micro heroes that give and get resources, referrals and recognition. Learn more




Micropolis-ClockCoins-Pig-Micro-Bank-Home of Micro TimeBank.

TimeBanking allows micros to invest in each other and themselves!  It’s a way to give and get the financial support necessary to grow your business, startup, coop or nonprofit without spending a dime—through an exchange of time. Be a credit to the community. Learn more



Joule_Coworking-Work-DifferentHome of Work Different.

Whether you blog, tweet, like or link— if you work at home you have a lifestyle that’s become the new normal for businesses, startups, coops and nonprofits of less than ten as well as work from home employee neighbors. A lifestyle that includes isolation, lack of support and new business challenges that are well beyond the remedy of social networking. Learn more