MicroForce Magic

Work Alone . Work @ Home

Tips to Improve Your Day in Easy Ways

VISIONARY? Use the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 mins Look at something 20 ft away for 20 secs. Joule MicroForce

SAD? See the sunny side. Try full spectrum natural daylight bulbs.  Joule MicroForce

NOW HEAR THIS! Music? News? Noise? None? Focus with Favorites. Tunes. Talk. Coffeeshop. Tranquility.   Joule MicroForce


HAVE OFFICE OPTIONS. 2-3 places both inside and out climate permitting. Dining Room or Deck.  Joule MicroForce

DRINK. Work Smarter! H2O Hydration. Drinking Water and Brain Functions Are Directly Linked.  Joule MicroForce


DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE. Everyday. Remind Yourself Why You Do What You Do.  Joule MicroForce

GO WITH THE FLOW. Air Flow. Open a window. Turn on a fan.  Your brain will thank you. Joule MicroForce