Micro TimeBanking

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Consider the Value of TimeBanking

Being a micro is who we are and what we do. Time is our most prized posession.

There’s never enough or enough when we need it.

We stress about it, sweat during it and sleep little of it. We’re always wishing we had more.

Well that wish has come true! It’s called timebanking.

If time is money, timebanking is the synergistic capital of our micro future that pays dividends in resources, referrals and recognition. However, timebanking has a worth that exceeds monetary value.

It connects us to the MicroForce community. Peers who understand the agony and ecstacy of being a micro business, startup, coop or nonprofit. Peers who give and get respect for the worth of the work. Work that’s being redefined, as well as where it takes place—in our home, neighborhood and across the nation.

Creating a metropolis of micros that build businesses, earn a living and contribute to the community while taking care of family and creating a sustainable lifestyle is valuable and important.

Although the MicroForce is a diverse community, spanning generations, gender, race, color and creed, we share common frustrations— isolation, lack of resources and finding new business. Everyone in our micro community has a special super power to give.

By sharing our skills as well as our passions we’re creating a nation and network that’s connected and energized by a force of ones—micros who understand that helping brings out the hero in each of us so we can save the day!

Now’s the time. Ready to save the day?

Join the MicroForce. Start timebanking.


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Be a credit to the community

TimeBanking allows micros to invest in each other and themselves!  It’s a way to give and get the financial support necessary to grow your business, startup, coop or nonprofit without spending a dime—through an exchange of time.

Here’s why it works

A micro’s success depends on sales—the superpower most micro’s lack.

But what if sales could be painless? What if you could grow your micro without networking, coffee meetings or begging?

You can! It’s called timebanking.

Once each month you’ll receive both a Give contact and Get contact from the Micropolis MicroForce community based on your personal and professional preferences and those of your micro matches.


You deposit 60 minutes into your account by providing a business service for your micro match. This service is an hour of time using your superpower expertise to support their business. In return, they pay it forward with an hour of their time providing a business service for another micro.


The hour you spend providing your special service equals an hour of help writing your elevator speech, equals an hour of bookkeeping, equals an hour of computer support, equals an hour of legal advice, equals an hour of logo design, equals an hour of social media, equals an hour of marketing, equals an hour of mentoring… you get the idea.

This investment pays dividends. These give and get hours enable you to support the community and yourself by building relationships with two members of the Micropolis community each month. Micros who will choose you for future paid work and offer warm referrals since they already know you and have actually worked with you.

Here’s how it works

It’s as easy as…

Make a deposit.

  1. You get a chance to be the perfect resource.
    • It’s B-Harmony, we make the match!
  2. You get a chance to receive a warm referral.
    • It’s painless social selling!
  3. You get a chance to be the hero
    • It’s recognition for a super job!

Make a withdrawal.

  1. You get a chance to enlist the perfect resource.
    • It’s B-Harmony, we make the match!
  2. You get a chance to give a warm referral.
    • It’s painless social networking!
  3. You get a chance to see the hero.
    • It’s recognizing a super job!

Start TimeBanking! 

Join the MicroForce.