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Micros are like Superheroes. A diverse group of uniquely skilled individuals with a passion for what they do who often work alone.

Although capable of overcoming impossible odds, everything doesn’t come naturally, sometimes we need help to save the day..

Micro Nation is the place to get the help you need to save the day!


  • MICROPOLIS  the capital capital of Micro Nation. Home of the MicroForce and the Micro TimeBank
  • MICRO TIMEBANK pays dividends. Cash in at the first national micro timebank. 
  • MICROFORCE connects you with each other. Join the force of ones. Get the benefits of monthly or annual membership
  • MICROPEDIA gives you the facts. Discover data you’ll find hard to believe.
  • HERO’s features Micro Nation goods and goodwillSupport a micro hero of the day.
  • JOULE U makes it easy to learn something new. SEO—search engine optimization, analytics, video, social media and more. 
  • MB2MB publishes the only Magazine + Guide for microbusiness. It’s a new social medium that’s exclusively for and about micros.
  • WORK DIFFERENT helps you get through the day. Try our tips and tools for working at home.
  • MICRO NATION NEWS focuses on features. Resources, referrals and recognition.
  • MICROBUSINESS NEWS investigates the latest headlines and articles. This is the link you’ll want to bookmark.
  • HERO OF THE DAY celebrates a micro superhero—everyday! Read how their special power helps them save the day! 
  • 2019 MICRO SURVEY captures the current conditions and concerns of the Micro Nation. Share your thoughts and we’ll share the results.

About Micro Nation

It was the evolution of a revolution. And like most, it was born of desire and necessity at the turn of the 21st century, but that’s a story for another time. Fast forward to 2010 and the opening of the first coworking space in Minneapolis just across the river from Saint Paul—Joule.

It was a time that marked the end of the 20-year job where you started and ended your career. A time of transition for most who were trying to find another place to do what they did, without much success. A time that brought out the hero in many who used their super power to help others discover how to be or not to be on your own. It was a time of learning something new and doing it yourself. A time when Jackie Menne, Founder & CEO ~ Chief Empathy Officer of Joule, realized that there was a distinct and growing force of ones—micros.

She met them coworking, networking, at workshops and events. Jackie became a connector, matchmaker and eventually an advocate. Joule became Microbusiness Network, the place to work, meet, network, cowork and connect. Her vision and venue gained thousands of followers until March of 2016 when she closed the coworking part of Joule due to a family illness and decided to shift her microbusiness once again.

Joule Microbusiness Network became Joule Micro Nation, Joule Open became Joule U and Coworking became Timebanking.

Jackie’s epiphany was realizing that Joule’s micro network of businesses, startups, coops and nonprofits was ready to grow beyond four walls, that the micro movement was ready to connect across the country and be recognized as the 24/7/365 heroes that are going to—save the day—together by joining forces.

Are you ready?


About Jackie Menne

Lived in Minnesota long enough to call it home, yet still a transplant from Cincinnati. Landed my dream job right out of school as a writer, actually copywriter for a hit radio station that played them (hits) and brought in the stars who sang them. Met most. Struck an empathetic chord.

Moved into television and then actually moved…here. Lasted a few years at CBS and ABC then found the wonderful world of advertising.

Worked for big companies, big brands and big shots. Retail giants. Consumer goods. Music industry.

Became a Boat rocker. Crusader. Realist.

Got close to the top of the ladder but stepped down. Not afraid of heights, tired of the view. Left to become a master juggler and wearer of hats. Ran small agencies. Climbed step-stools. Finally back on the ground to write and create Synergy Advertising. A microbiz. Later Joule, a place for microbiz.

Still a Boat Rocker. Crusader. Realist. And now an Advocate—for Micros.

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