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Micro Nation

It was the evolution of a revolution. And like most, it was born of desire and necessity at the turn of the 21st century, but that’s a story for another time. Fast forward to 2010 and the opening of the first coworking space in Minneapolis just across the river from Saint Paul—Joule.

It was a time that marked the end of the 20-year job where you started and ended your career. A time of transition for most who were trying to find another place to do what they did, without much success. A time that brought out the hero in many who used their super power to help others discover how to be or not to be on your own. It was a time of learning something new and doing it yourself. A time when Jackie Menne, Founder & CEO ~ Chief Empathy Officer of Joule, realized that there was a distinct and growing force of ones—micros.

She met them coworking, networking, at workshops and events. Jackie became a connector, matchmaker and eventually an advocate. Joule became Microbusiness Network, the place to work, meet, network, cowork and connect. Her vision and venue gained thousands of followers until March of 2016 when she closed the coworking part of Joule due to a family illness and decided to shift her microbusiness once again.

Jackie’s epiphany came shortly after when she realized Joule’s micro network of businesses, startups, coops and nonprofits was ready to grow beyond the four walls of the coworking space, that the micro movement was ready to connect across the country from location to location to location (home to home to home) and be recognized as the 24/7/365 heroes that are going to—save the day—and the world together by joining forces.

Are you ready?