Learn Something New

In 90 minutes or less.

Get the credit you deserve for being smart enough to save time and money taking a Joule U course in one of many micro subjects including Google Adwords, Analytics, Nonprofits, SEO, Social Media and You Tube along with ADA Accessibility, LinkedIn, Twitter, Email, Ecourse, Security, Video, Working at Home and Writing.

VIDEO . Online On Demand .  List of Classes . Anywhere/Anytime

LIVE . Great Locations with Convenient Parking  . List of Classes . Minneapolis/St Paul


Meet Someone New

In 90 minutes or less.

Did you know that 96% of all businesses are micros? Businesses of less than ten? Most are a force of one.  Meet the Micros! Lunch and learn more about this amazing group of local businesses + startups + coops + nonprofits.


Wednesday . January 18 . 11:30A-1:00P

If you’re a local business, startup, coop or nonprofit, this event is for you!

Hate networking? It’s painless! We make the introductions.

Guests are welcome.

Cost: Complimentary . Thanks to our Lunch Sponsors!


Hosted by Joule
Hosted at WIN Center . St Paul Central Library . Convenient Location + Parking