MicroForce . The Force of Ones


We’ve got a lot in common.

In 2010 Joule launched the first Minneapolis coworking venue. A selfish attempt to overcome my main frustrations with a work alone lifestyle — isolation, support and new business.

Over the past ten years Joule has become a community for the Force of Ones. To celebrate we’re doing someting new, something outside the box… no surprise, right. We’re launching the first cyber coworking community—the MicroForce.

… the first Cyber Coworking Community—the MicroForce.

A way to connect when working alone, as well as together on occasion over a cup of caffeine, a meal or desserts… stressed spelled backwards!

Connect with the Force of Ones

Anytime. Anywhere.

Talk to someone besides yourself.

If you ever feel isolated, invisible or ignored this is the time to leave on your slippers and join the new cyber coworking community—the MicroForce..

We’ll introduce you to other introverts and ambiverts. The extraverts will have already introduced themselves. Bring a smile, a sense of humor and get ready to have a good time. Seriously.

Join the Force of Ones Today . Connect in a New Way

It’s what you need to overcome isolation, get support, find new business.

It’s Resources. Referrals. Recognition. + Tips. Tools. Techniques.

CONNECT TO THE FORCEIt’s  just $20.20 for 2020 to join.

Decijoule . First ten members. Get in on the ground floor and be part of the core!

Centijoule . Members 11-50 -Be part of the discussion and decisions!

Millijoule . Members 51-100 . Always be the first to know!

Microjoule . Members 101+ . The Force of Ones!


Join Joule MicroForce

There are 27 Million Micros Nationwide . Generating $3.5 Trillion Annually. 

What’s a Micro?

A single digit startup, business or nonprofit. A firm of fewer than ten. Most a force of one.

Micros are like Superheroes. A diverse group of uniquely skilled individuals with a passion for what they do who often work alone. Although capable of overcoming impossible odds, everything doesn’t come naturally, sometimes we need help to Save the Day!

Connecting the Force of Ones—that’s my micro advocacy and mission.
Will you join me?

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