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 Its NOT Who You Know

It’s who you DON’T know.


Micros ask me all the time—if I know someone


Someone who can help with their website or messaging, their social media or bookkeeping, their marketing or… you get the idea.

And I do.

But, like you, I’m always cautious with a referral because unless I’ve actually worked with someone and have first hand knowledge… how do I know if they’ll be a good fit.

As micros, we only have our credibility, and once that’s gone—so are we.

You probably won’t remember who didn’t work out, but you’ll remember I referred them. That’s always been the problem—until now.

What if there was a way to meet and work with someone first? Someone you DON’T know. A way to get to know them? A way for them to get to know you? Every month.

A way for both of you to get the help you need. Every month.

A way to give and get referrals. Every month.

There is!

The MicroForce.

A way to—Connect with micros you DON’T know, with micros who DON’T know you. A way to get to know each other. Every month.

A way to—Give an hour as a resource and Get an hour with a resource. Every month.

A way to—Connect without taking off your slippers if you don’t need a resource this month.

A way to—Meet a new client and also be the client. Every month.

So, it really is about who you DON’T know.

Connecting the Force of Ones—that’s my micro advocacy and mission.
Will you join me?

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Join the Force of Ones

There are 27 Million Micros Nationwide . Generating $3.5 Trillion Annually. 

What’s a Micro?

A single digit startup, business or nonprofit. A firm of fewer than ten. Most a force of one.

Micros are like Superheroes. A diverse group of uniquely skilled individuals with a passion for what they do who often work alone. Although capable of overcoming impossible odds, everything doesn’t come naturally, sometimes we need help to Save the Day!

How the MicroForce helps Save the Day

A micro’s success depends on sales—the superpower most micro’s lack.

But what if sales could be painless? What if you could grow your micro without networking, coffee meetings or begging?

You can! Join the MicroForce.

Spend just two hours each month growing your business, startup or nonprofit.