Hero of the Day

Your Name Here!

Micro Nation Will Be Recognizing a Hero of the Day EVERYDAY!

If you or someone you know is a Micro Hero who Saves the Day in a special way, please let us know. Send a note with the Subject: Hero of the Day* to joinus@joulemn.com.

Here’s what our Hero of the Day will receive.


  • Official HERO emblem
  • Certificate of Recognition.
  • Featured on JouleMN.com
  • Special HERO listing in MB2MB Magazine + Guide
  • Micro Nation’s thanks for being a micro HERO.

We’re asking micro supporters and advocates to thank our HERO’s in person and treat them to a cup of caffeine. How will you know them? They’ll be wearing the official emblem shown above.

Helping micros save the world—together.

*Starting 2019.