They say It’s Who You Know

But it’s Not really Who You Know, since I’m often asked if I know someone—which means you don’t. And that’s okay, because I live for this question!

Connecting single digit businesses, startups and nonprofits is my mission and passion as a micro advocate. Especially forces of one—freelancers, consultants, self-employed… you get the idea.

It was easy when I could actually introduce you face-to-face, back in the Joule Coworking days. You would talk, get to know each other and become a resource, a referral.

Although it wasn’t easy to figure out how to facilitate these relationships beyond four walls, it’s easy to share the result.

It’s called the MicroForce.

A way to make a connection — every month.
A way to grow your network — every month
A way to have resources and referrals — every month.

So here’s my invitation — my ASK.

Will you join me? I’ll make the introductions!

I’m hoping your answer is —


Join the MicroForce

Month . $49.99  |  Quarter . $39.99 . Save 20% . $199.99  |  Annual . $24.9 . Save 50% . $299.99

I can send details or you can check it out online or join.


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