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Micropolis Opens First National Micro TimeBank

TimeBanking allows micros to invest in each other and themselves! It’s a way to give and get the financial support necessary to grow your business, startup, coop or nonprofit without spending a dime—through an exchange of time. Read More

JouleU On Demand Classes

Get the credit you deserve for being smart enough to save time and money taking a Joule U course in one of many micro subjects including Google Adwords, Analytics, Nonprofits, SEO, Social Media and You Tube along with ADA Accessibility, LinkedIn, Twitter, Email, Ecourse, Security, Video, Working at Home and Writing. Read More

HERO’s Ready for Business

You’ll find Goods and Goodwill for the 24/7/365 micro at Hero’s. Shop for goods, support goodwill and help make the day for a micro hero. 10% of every Official Micro Nation HERO purchase goes toward our HERO of the Day program. Read More

MB2MB Magazine + Guide

Whether you’re 20-something or four times that, you are likely part of the newest demographic—Generation E—Entrepreneur. This macro sector is mainly comprised of micros—businesses with fewer than ten employees, most a force of one. Micro data is mindblowing. Read More